At first I was tasked to create a short tease to reveal the logo for Penny Dreadful, the new flagship show for Showtime. The idea was to create a haunting and nightmarish setting while showing details of the monsters (vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein) without giving away too much information, especially since the characters had not yet been designed for the show. 

This was the beginning of an effort to lead all aspects of the Penny Dreadful promotion, from the launch spots–"Just Like You" and "Devil in the Details"–to the shorter "Stitched" tease, to the ancillary spots which would begin to permeate the air space of Showtime as well as a wide range of media buys. We were very lucky to have been able to work with The Mill on "Stitched" and "Just Like You" as their directing and effects mastery are nearly unparalleled in the industry. I also created and designed a custom animated typeface, and a series of animated occult diagrams that accompanied the countdown spots which led to the premiere.