Masterpiece is a series finale launch spot, which sets the viewer up to understand the enormity of what has transpired over the previous seven seasons of Dexter. The challenge was how to represent those who had been killed by Dexter, highlighting the major antagonists as well as the minor ones. Paintings were created of almost all of his victims. This idea was then set in Dexter's head space–a grotesque personal art gallery highlighting his greatest accomplishments, centering on his final magnum opus which has yet to be revealed.

"Dexter's Mask" and "Debra's Mask" use a time lapse effect to show how their psyches have changed over the years, the repercussions weighing heavily on them. We see Dexter begin as the likable donut-toting forensics specialist, concealing his inner monster, which gradually fades and melts away over time. We see Debra as the brash young cop who begins to fall apart because of tough decisions made later in the series. "The 96" is a countdown to the finale, showing an iconic image from each of the 96 episodes.

Total Package Art Direction & Design: Program–On-Air Only (GOLD)
Art Direction & Design: Program Promotional Campaign (SILVER)
Entertainment Program Campaign (GOLD)
Dramatic Program Spot or Campaign (GOLD), "Dexter's/Debra's Mask"
Video Presentation / Editing (SILVER), "Dexter's/Debra's Mask"
Art Direction & Design: Program Promotional Spot (GOLD), "Masterpiece"
Clip Based Entertainment Program Spot (BRONZE), "The 96"


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