I worked with director Kevin Margo to design several logos for Construct, a sci-fi action short film that advances filmmaking with virtual production. During the process I stressed the need to have an impactful, emotional title sequence to close out the film. He and his team were deep into production on the film, so the entire conceptual process and workload were left to me. We weren't allowed the luxury of time to allow for posing or animating, so I was given a few models from the film and made do with what I could handle in Cinema 4D in order to create iconic compositions that condensed the important emotional scenes and concepts from the film. The result was a 3D piece that exists with its own aesthetic language–a world stripped down from the amazing blockbuster quality of the film–that still complements the look and feel of the film itself. The film takes place entirely during the day, so to echo that the titles exist in a daylight setting (to contrast all the dark titles you usually see) of dreamlike frozen moments, in which the environment gradually dims to sunset.